About School

Sirajul Huda English Medium School, Perambra is one among the 7 schools under Sirajul Huda Educational Complex, Kutttiady. It is a co-educational secondary school established in 2003. We aim at imparting general education of high standard along with value education by eminent scholars. It is a warm and inviting school community that offers a range of services which build a bond with the parent community. The students recognize that they belong to warm and nurturing community which supports them to pursue the highest aim and great success. They are encouraged to be ethical and socially sensitive. Poor, destitute and orphan children are well cared for in this school. At present we have student strength of 400.

We do aim at imparting good education, both general and spiritual, and to make the institution excel in the field of knowledge. We follow CBSE stream to enable the pupils to face all the challenges and succeed in them. The school focuses its attention on imparting quality education for all without any distinction or discrimination and keeps it affordable to all. The school not only has been a motivation to entail and enrich themselves for attending medical and engineering entrance examinations, but also facilitating on campus coaching program, entrance foundation programs to improve the potential of the student.

Our Teaching Learning Approach

We are always believing in using data collected formally and informally to decide upon its future strategies and also upon the effectiveness of its present strategies. Primary and Secondary data is collected for measuring and monitoring parameters like customer satisfaction, educational needs, training needs of teachers, examination results, vendor pre-qualification etc. This data is used for decision-making for continual improvement.

Our Pedagogical Vision

Pedagogy can be defined as the understanding of how learning takes place and the philosophy and practice that supports that understanding of learning. Essentially it is the study of the teaching and learning process. Leadership is often defined as the act of leading or guiding individuals or groups. If we are to combine these two we are offered the notion of pedagogical leadership as leading or guiding the study of the teaching and learning process.


Sirajul Huda believes that every child is gifted. Once they discover themselves they get on the mission of becoming lifelong learners with the aim of leading society by their inherent power of wisdom, sciences and conscience. Education must inculcate sociability, ethical commitment, compassion and other social ideals. Our vision is to facilitate the realization of the unique kind of schooling that brings up all-round development of the student, including clerical-cognitive, didactic-affective and ethical-conative dimensions of their skills.


Our mission is to explore hidden potentials of the student and to facilitate on that basis the growth of the student in educational, social and ethical aspects of their life as well as their skills of memorisation, understanding and deeper reflection. Each child is enlightened and is empowered and helped to become informed, ingenious and indefatigable Indians.

Core Values

Academic output and performance constitute the inevitable aspect of our institutional rationale. Besides, Sirajul Huda acknowledges the need of education to be value-driven and conducive to the traditional wisdom. Therefore our curricular and co-curricular activities are carved on the matrix infused with the following values:

  • Transformation through learning
  • Going Global
  • Innovative Education
  • Being cosmopolitan
  • Aesthetic outlook
  • Elebrating Pluralism
  • Spirit of quality